Driveclub: How to beat the Venom Hot Lap Tour Event

Venom Hot Lap. The penultimate event. Probably the hardest event on the single player tour mode by some margin. If you’re having difficulty beating it, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you everything you need to know to shave off valuable seconds and hopefully get you under the magic 1:16 seconds or less and get the last star. So without further ado, let’s get to it. I’m going to assume you’re a competent driver seeing as you’ve gotten this far and that you’re going to know general driving terminology. First we will go over some basic driving strategy and then we will look at the course on a turn by turn basis with minimum speeds required in order to beat the time. We’ll also look at when and where to start braking and accelerating.

Venom Hot Lap

The Venom Hot Lap is a passage of rites. If you can beat this stage, you’re well prepared to duke it out online with other skilled drivers. Generally speaking, the single player of Driveclub is no easy beat, there are stages that need to be done multiple times, but the Venom Hot Lap really pushes the driver to optimise everything to beat the stage. If you’re not checking your speeds as you go through the turns, you’re probably making it hard for yourself. Here’s some general advice firstly that all drivers should follow to shave off valuable seconds off their time.

1. Use as much of the course for your turns as possible. I.E. start out wide, hit the apex on the inside and then end up out wide again and do this at the maximum speed possible.

2. Some corners on Tamil Nadu 01 can be cut a lot more than others. We’ll go into detail later, but if you can cut a corner to go faster without getting a penalty do it.

3. Don’t get on the accelerator too early coming out of a turn. With the Venom GT, there can be a lot of wheel spin which does nothing but slow your car down. You should be able to hear the wheel spin and your car will also not go anywhere. If your wheels are spinning, you’ve lost valuable hundreds of seconds.

4. Mark where you’ll be braking for every single turn. Tamil Nadu 01 doesn’t gave the red/yellow/green turn indicator flags, so you’ll need to keep tabs of where you’ll turn yourself. Use landmark objects like turn signs, barriers, trees etc. If you don’t do this there’s no way you’ll ever get consistent.

5. Remember your entry and exit speeds into turns. The faster you go into turns the better obviously.

If you’ve followed all that and still haven’t beat the times, then you’ll need the turn by turn guide and the video below to beat the course.

Turn 1 – Right Turn

If you’re not travelling 300kph by the time you get to the end of the straight, exit and restart. If you are, great. You want to keep left and brake hard when you’re 75% of the way through the red and white barrier and you want to go from 300kph to 170kph. Go through the turn at 170kph making sure you hit the apex and go over the rumble strip. If you’re understeering, you need to try again as you’ll probably hit the barrier on the left when you come out. You can cut the corner by a fair margin here without getting a corner penalty, though I’ve had it come up a few times. Bite off as much as you can chew as the further right you can go, the faster your speed will be through the corner.

Turn 2 – Right Turn

You should be able to take this corner at 200kph and you can cut this corner on the apex without any penalty.

Turn 3 – Right Hairpin Turn

Start braking here when you see the last right hand turn sign. You can take this turn at 120kph. Again make sure you hit the apex. Understeering here will cost you significant amounts of time as it is a hairpin turn.

Turn 4 – Left Hairpin Turn

Start braking when you see the last left hand turn sign. You can take this turn at 100kph, use some of the road shoulder on the right if you need when you come out of the turn. The game doesn’t slow you down that much driving on the dirt. This is also one of the corners where you need to be careful getting on the accelerator. Too much acceleration too early and you will get tire spin and slow you down. Get on the accelerator after the car has straightened up.

Turn 5 & 6 – Left Turn, Left Turn

There’s a number of ways to tackle these two long left handers. I found the best way was to start braking just after the last left turn sign. Brake through the first left hand turn to 140kph hitting the apex. Get back on the accelerator after the apex and come back out to the right hand side again, and then continue accelerating the whole of the second left hand turn.

Turn 7 – Right Turn

Brake through the turn and take it at 160kph. If you start left, hit the apex and come back out left again, this should set you up nicely for the next turn.

Turn 8 – Right Turn

After Turn 7 you should be around 160-170kph which you can accelerate right through this turn.

Turn 9 – Left Turn

Accelerate through this turn as fast as you can go.

Turn 10 – Right Turn

You’ll need to start out left, brake as hard as you can when you see the last right hand turn sign. Take the corner at 130-140kph.

Turn 11 & 12 – Chicane

Drive straight through the Chicane going over the speed bumps as fast as you can. End up to the left side of the track.

Turn 13 – Right Turn

Go as fast as you can for the right hander though you’ll need to watch the significant understeer here. You’ll need to experiment around a bit to see if you can take this corner without braking first.

If you’ve followed all those steps and speeds you should be able to get closer to the time to beat. Remember the speeds listed here will get you around 1:16 around the track. Plenty of people have gotten well below that with times of 1:13 not uncommon. If you put in the laps anything is possible.


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