PS Plus Titles for March

Sony has announced (rather late, (myself included)) the PS Plus titles for March and they are the same for both North American and Europe/Australia. They are available to download now.


Olli Olli 2: Welcome to Olliwood (PS4/PS Vita)


Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty (PS4)


Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment (PS3)


Papo and Yo (PS3)


Valiant Hearts (PS4)


Counter Spy (PS4/PS3/PS Vita)

For more information visit the PS Blog for your region here US and Europe/Australia.


4 responses to “PS Plus Titles for March

  1. As I continue to play games in my backlog of previous gen consoles, I keep looking at the current gen title to see which one (or two or three) I should get. The newest console I have is an Xbox 360, but the Playstation 4 looks very appealing.

    • Hey dude. Keep playing your backlog titles, that’s exactly what I try to do on this site. Yes there are some great new hot titles that are being pushed at a lot of other sites, but that doesn’t make your older titles any less good.

      As far as new consoles go, I’d say a PC! But you can’t go wrong with either a PS4 or Xbox One. Games are still pretty expensive for both though, whereas a PC has the appeal of a rather large backlog and cheaper old games.

      • There’s no doubt that older games are still awesome! I’ve had just as much fun playing a lot of the older stuff as I’ve had with the newer stuff. Just for fun, I’ve set a goal for myself to beat 35 games on my current consoles before I get a current generation console. I keep track of my progress on here (among other gaming topics), and I was happy to come across your blog.

        It seems that a lot of gamers are choosing to write about their experiences, and that’s awesome because I love reading about them!

      • Yes! I like to wait for games to mature and the hype to settle down before playing something, not only that, but the backlog was enough to last a couple of lifetimes. I still like to get a couple of the latest releases, but oftentimes I don’t really see the reason to if they are discounted later.

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