Steam Machines on display at GDC. Prices, dates.

Valve and its PC partners have unveiled the eagerly awaited steam machines and their various incarnations. And there’s a lot. Basically every PC manufacturer has gotten in on the act and made their own steam machine. In the end, its basically a PC with a steam badge, steam operating system installed and a steam controller provided.

Depending on the parts inside, the Steam Machines start from approx. US$479 all the way up to the ridiculously specced Falcon North West machine at $4999. Nothing for the millionaires out there I suppose who want the best of the best.

Check out Arstechnica for first hands on and eyes on photos of the Steam Machines.

Here are a few here to whet your appetite.


This is the Alienware budget machine starting at $479 and includes an Intel Dual Core i3 processor (clock speed unknown), 4GB DDR3 Ram and a Nvidia GTX 2GB (probably a GTX760).


This is the machine which uses the popular Fractal Node case is $899 and comes with an i5 4440, GTX 960 OC.


This Zotac Steam Machine looks suspiciously like the Mac Mini design with a steam badge on top. It comes with a Intel Core i5 processor, 8gb ram and an Nvidia GTX 970m 3Gb graphics card and is priced at $999


This tiny box comes from Gigabyte only includes the motherboard and processor (i7-4770R). It uses on board graphics rather than a discrete graphics card. Memory and storage looks like it still needs to be added by the user after purchase. This may suit the buyer who plays a lot of casual games who doesn’t require a powerful graphics card and is more interested in streaming media.

Steam Machines will be released in November 2015 in North America.


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